Primary Servicing

New and established lenders will have various reasons for asking us to manage their lease or loan portfolio.

We will service your portfolio using the established LeaseSoft and LoanSoft systems. These systems can be configured to your business rules and, where applicable, integrated with front end origination partners, delivering straight through processing.

We are equipped to manage most types of instalment credit products, including regulated and commercial loans, lease and hire purchase.

We can integrate with front and back end service providers, delivering end to end solutions

Funding Management for Banks & Independent Finance Providers

Loan and asset financing for UK SME’s is delivered by banks and a range of privately owned independent lenders. Many of the independent lenders use block discounting and other wholesale funding structures from banks to help re-invest receivables from end-user finance agreements.

We manage block discounting and wholesale funding for a number of UK Banks. As your processing partner, we will verify the underlying customer agreements that are submitted as collateral for a funding advance. Portfolio management, pre-inception checks, billing, collection and reporting can all be integrated within our comprehensive service.

We work with Bank and Non-Bank Financial Institutions, including British Business Bank, RBS Group, Investec